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TW/DW: Tosh

May 2010

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TW/DW: Tosh

For V4R

September has been a busy month for Rent. Tonya Dixon returned as Joanne (Merle Dandridge had been filling in for her) early in September. Also, Moeisha McGill, a swing, left the show on September 1st. Trisha Jeffrey replaced her. On September 10th, Harley Jay will begin his run as the Mark standby. Harley, along with fellow ex-tour member Declan Bennett, were originally scheduled to take over as Mark and Roger on September 10th. However, their start date was pushed back until October 8th when Adam and Anthony extended their run. September 11th will be long time cast member D'Monroe's final performance as Benny. Rodney Hicks, who played Paul in the original Broadway cast, will be taking over. In late September, Haven Burton (Mrs. Cohen and others. She's also a Maureen u/s) will be leaving the show to play Margot in Legally Blonde. There's no word yet on who will be replacing her in Rent. Several members of the Broadway cast will be making an appearance at J&R Computer and Music World on September 21st (http://www.playbill.com/news/article/110720.html). No word on who will be performing, although Anthony Rapp probably won't be. He's scheduled to speak in Red Deer, Alberta that evening.

The upcoming tour is also getting underway. Rehearsals begin later this month, and while a full cast hasn't been officially announced, there will be a lot of familiar faces on this tour, as several previous tour cast members are expected to return. There will also be a few more well known performers joining the tour. Rehearsals begin in mid-September. The tour will be kicking off from York, PA in mid-October.