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TW/DW: Tosh

May 2010

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TW/DW: Tosh

Another annoying meme...

But I couldn't resist :)

1. Choose a show

2. Are you male or female?
A bright and charming girl

3. Describe yourself.

Starving for attention, hating convention, hating pretention

4. How do some people feel about you?
You're always preaching not to be numb
When that's how you thrive
You pretend to create and observe
When you really detach from feeling alive

5. How do you feel about yourself?Why am I the witness
And when I capture it on film
Will it mean that it's the end
And I'm alone

6. Describe your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend.
It was bad for me - was it bad for you

7. Describe current boyfriend/girlfriend.
And I'm alone

8. Describe where you want to be.
New York City

9. Describe how you live.
I live this moment as my last

10. Describe how you love.
There's only us
There's only this
Forget regret
Or life is yours to miss

11. What would you ask for if you had just one wish?Find
In a song that rings true
Truth like a blazing fire
An eternal flame

12. Share a few words of wisdom.
TIme flies, time dies

13. Where do you live?
Santa Fe

14. Now say goodbye.
Goodbye love


Hi, I saw your icon on a RENT icon community, the one with Harry and Lupin, "You're fucking serious?" And I just thought that I'd let you know that it was the funniest thing I've ever seen.
Hi .. I saw you post in arabic and checked out your journal. I don't know if you post on lj much or anything, but if you do I'd like to add you, if you don't mind of course.