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TW/DW: Tosh

May 2010

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TW/DW: Tosh

My journal is now Friends Only, just to make it easier for me. I'm pretty easy about adding, just comment and say 1) How I know you (preferably which comm), and 2) a random fact about yourself! Thanks!


Hello. You've uploaded some pretty awesome videos in adampascal, especially the Hair Dress Rehersal with Adam. I edited it to just his part for my iPod...because I'm silly like that. I've still got the file if you're interested.

So because of that, I would like to friend you. Umm...random fact...
I'm going to law school in August. Eeek!

APascal LJ and my stuff I'm trying to load over there

Hi Jordon

I saw your post on live journal in adampascal. I'm a member, really never post. I'm working with several of them privately because I have a ton of Rent AP stuff I am going to try to share with them. Having some tech problems, and files that are too big for Yousendit which I'm working on also. I like this community because they don't flame and are very up to date.

I'm new to the how to post, upload stuff because I've never learned how to share it, so I'm starting now. I have a list, I trade, and the Rentheads know me (but under a different user name). I'm trying to help with the Broadway Booking thing if I can. And, I'm at least as old as the OBC of Rent.

So I guess that is the answer to number 1 and 2. I'm willing to trade, share and upload the stuff once I get the thing to work right. My stuffs on dvds, not to many traders give the stuff away, you know what I mean:) Anyway, if you know an easy way of putting this stuff I have up, for that group, under friends lock of course. Email me privately at Pearljam3647@yahoo.com

I have lots to share and I'm always looking for new stuff, gonna start audio's now because I've pretty much found all the videos. There are a few rare things that may turn up sooner or later I hope (I have Europeans looking for me too).

Since you have no clue who I am, my name is Lisa and aecrewgirl over at AP knows me thru talking and she can vouch for me.

Since I have no clue how else to get ahold of you than this comment, which I hope doesn't go everywhere. After you read it, please delete it:)

Add me? icon love!

from the ap live journal


I am soo sorry about your mom.... I feel kinda silly even trying to ask you this, with what you have been going thru, so if you dont respond...i will totally understand

I downloaded the rent 07/97 and when i go to play it or extract it with winrar, it wont let me break the connection??? not sure if you know how to help me, but i thought i would ask...again, my deepest sympathy for your loss....

Re: from the ap live journal

Thanks. I'm so sorry, I don't have any suggestions except try to download it again, and if that doesn't work, I'll reupload it :)
So I think you know where we know each other from. The Nederlander is love. Hope to see you around soon!
The Nederlander *is* love. I hope I'll see you too, I'm working on sneaking back to NYC...
Hey, you. *Prod* 1) You know how you know me, or you should, and 2) ...I almost typed B in place of 2. Because B totally comes after 1.
I'm sorry, are you that elitist bitch?

For some reason that totally reminded me of Sesamea Street.
I am indeed the elitist bitch of the Rent fandom. ^^ ♥
Hmmmm VFR.... Annnnd well..................... I'm random? Ummm yea.. Jordan = love because she and Tracey, Shannon, Amelia, and Aubrey and love!
I know you. Take my word for it, damnit.
Well, vicariously internet V4R know you.

Random fact...
I just got a job making smelly sandwiches.

And when I tried to spell 'sandwiches' I spelled it wrong the first time and I feel like a noob.
Uhh, I saw your Anthony icon in a TDS community and remembered seeing you around adampascal, so...I added you?

Random fact:...I can open my front door with my foot.
Ooh, nifty! I've seen you around too. Added XD
This is Linda... so add me? xDDD Bwahahahaa~
LINDA! *Squee* Adding you. And is 6:30ish okay for leaving for Gallery Hop?
1. I know you from VFR (Lani.)
2. I'm going to see The Phantom of the Opera on Wednesday.
(How I Know You reminds me of the Aida song.
"You don't know me/ Yes I know you/ You don't know me/ How I know you.")
I found your journal while randomly searching for icons to steal (I'm a filthy thief) and while I enjoyed every last one of yours, I decided that instead of committing acts of thievery, I'd like to friend you. OK?
It's Jess...lets be friends! :-)
i dont know how to do the whole add thing, but um you should add me, it is tamra from rent... even if i dont go there that often any more :)
*poke* Hi. Uh, you know me through Carina? Actually you don't really know me, but HI! Uh. Fellow Rent lover.

Random fact? I currently have 6 boxes of brownies. I'm addicted.
I'll friend you if you give me a brownie ;)

Just kidding, added.
So, you're gonna wait for it to ship over from Norway, huh? XD
where did the hanke lemon pic come from?
I got it from... I think BWW's coverage of In My Life's opening night? I'll find the pic and post it :)
just leaving love to a fellow Renthead in Columbus!
Yay Columbus Rent fans :)
Hey Jordan, I'm Ciara. Brittany's cousin. And she wanted me to see something you posted and I thought I was your friend but I guess not. Haha.

Random fact= I love Mountain Dew. =D
Wow! I thought we were friends on here. Shows what I know ;)

Mmm, I've never really liked Mountain Dew. Then again, I tried it once when I was little and haven't since. I should give it another try.
Yea, I thought so too, haha. We're that cool. Yea.

Pssh Mt Dew OWNS.

I was sent to you because I am looking for an audio of a song by Adam Pascal that has the lyric "bright blue skies and baby smiles" lol.

Is there any possibility you could help me?
Hi! So, my computer actually just crashed and I lost my audio from the Columbus gig. But let me see if I managed to save the BB King's audio and if it's on there.
Hey this is Krysta

1) How I know you.
We met at the Neder
2) a random fact about yourself!
I hate all ringtones
Hey you! Added :)
Hey, I commented on a comment (ha) of yours on ONTD...you like Bruce, I like Bruce. Add me haha?
hey there! you know who i am... :)

random fact: i'm an only child. :)
It's me...Teresa
1. The Will Chase in the gym watchers of America?
2. I've been bitten by an ostrich.
Hey! I just added you on my other sn. I haven't had internet, so sorry it took so long!



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